Voices of JOSHUA

This is a page that is dedicated to the voices of JOSHUA. We believe that those directed affected by our issues, the marginalized, poor, and oppressed of our community, are the closest to the solutions. These are just snippets of their story and  what they have to say.

A Lack of Love

We have so many problems in this country and our state! And they all center on a lack of unconditional love for our fellow humans.

And so we divide, dehumanize, and conquer those who are less like us every waking moment of their lives through our government, institutions, and culture. The only escape from such oppression is through sleep, legally or illegally drugging ourselves, or death.
Last year, over six million of our fellow citizens with criminal records could not vote in last year’s elections. Imagine how last year’s elections could have been different if they could vote!
Jesus was a convicted felon. Like many today, he didn’t take anything or hurt anyone, but threatened the status quo by being different. Like today, more and more laws were and are designed to ensure obedience and make the rich richer while feeding fear and hate. Today, we don’t usually kill them outright, but instead condemn them to a living death because each of them is a recurring profit center for governmental and business interests, in our name.
Jesus taught us the Golden Rule. When will we start unconditionally loving our fellow humans?

Mark S
Oconto Falls, WI


Today is Father’s Day

As I write this, today is Father’s Day.

Over three million children have a father locked up in this country. Nationwide, around 10% of black children have a father in prison.

Governments who represent us make it very hard for these fathers to maintain relationships with their children. They are either imprisoned too far from their homes,  or the price of phone calls is ridiculously exorbitant, or the mental illness exacerbated by imprisonment makes relations impossible.

Most of these children live in poverty and broken homes. Many of these children end up in foster care, then juvenile detention, then prison. The overwhelming need to excessively control and punish people is flawed and costly to everyone.

Over 20 million adults have felony convictions in this country, most of them men and fathers. They and their families are permanently disadvantaged in many, many ways. This ensures that the prisons will be filled generation after generation.

I have a 38 year-old single felony from another state. My daughter now has a criminal record and addition problems that will follow her for the rest of her life, just like her father.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone.

Mark S
Oconto Falls, WI