JOSHUA is a faith-based organization.  Being people of faith is what unites us and calls us to this work of justice.   Many traditions, individuals, churches and houses of worship all work together for the common good.

Continuing this fall, JOSHUA’s Religious Leaders’ Caucus would like to invite all individuals, churches, and houses of worship to join in praying for our community.  Our responsibilities and schedules may not allow us to be part of every action or task force meeting, but whatever our religious tradition we all pray. 

Prayer is powerful – it is an action in and of itself.  Prayer with others can be even more impactful as it opens us to both God and the other.   Let’s pray together to be molded into the Beloved Community.

The Religious Leaders’ Caucus is inviting everyone to come together and ask the Divine One, in whatever language is familiar, to bless this community, country, and world, and to lead us forward in the work of justice.  

Each month we will have a specific focus, and each week a specific prayer.  Feel free to adapt these prayers in accordance with your tradition.

Please join us in adding these prayers to your personal prayer and into the prayers of petition your congregation shares when gathered together.  Even if your church, congregation or house of worship is not formally affiliated with JOSHUA, we would love for you to join us in prayer.

December 2020 

Mindful of the families in our community, and the struggles and challenges some face, we pray…

December 6.  For single-parent families, adoptive families, foster families, and for households that are communities of friends; for elderly persons living in their own homes, in retirement communities, and in nursing institutions. 

December 13.  For persons who are lonely or have no family; for persons who are estranged from their families; for persons who are grieving the loss of a loved one; and for all who need to feel the love of God. 

December 20.  For an end to child abuse; for healthy relationships between children and their caregivers; for families going through divorce; and for all who are in the midst of life transitions.

December 27.  For the care and protection of infants, children, and youth; and for the intimate knowledge that each one is a beloved child of God.