Environmental Justice

This group of environmental warriors was able to help unanimously pass the #nobackfortyresolution in Brown County, then helped organize the passing the #nobackfortyresolution in Door County.

This group is now working on a state bill trying to repeal the “Prove It First” mining law. For 20 years, Wisconsin’s waters, public lands, and wildlife have been protected by the “Prove It First” mining law. That law requires mining companies to provide specific proof a sulfide mine can run for 10 years and be closed for 10 years without polluting groundwater and surface waters with acid drainage. In 20 years, no mining company has provided the proof!

Please come and join our dedicated group and help us choose our next environmental move in Brown County! This group meets every 4th Wednesday of every month at 6pm at West Side Moravian Church! Please email joshua4justice@gmail.com with any questions.