Mental Health Task Force

One voice multiplied!

Approximately 50 dedicated, passionate, hard working souls continue to advocate for and speak on behalf of those struggling with a mental health diagnosis. Many in our task force have also taken on missions and employment outside of meetings to improve services and conditions for those we speak. We’ve grown in ways only each of our individual hearts can quantify. In many ways, this year, our efforts were “behind the scenes”. We gathered information, researched gaps, held numerous interviews, invited speakers and basically became aware of a much bigger mental health picture!

We’ve endured growing pains in knowing we can’t change all we’d like, but we like all that we can change! And, that keeps us advocating!

Our Mental Health Task Force is evolving! We have two sub-groups:

Treatment committee is led by Mary Kelly
 Stories from consumers and law enforcement caused us to question the minimal use of 3 party petitions in Brown County. Mary Kelly along with her committee researched the meaning and use of 3 party petitions and met with Corporation Counsel of Brown County to further understand the process.

Education committee is led by Antonia Nelson
Youth mental health training continued into 2017. Antonia informed us of Resiliency training and how important it is to be able to “help ourselves”.

Our task force continues to attend public meetings and talk with law makers to improve our systematic approach. We’ve continued to follow the mental health funding that was added to the 2016 budget, looking for improvement in filling the gaps. We’ve supported and continue to advocate for more Recovery Coaches and Peer Mental Health Specialists. We push for all law enforcement to get Crisis Intervention Training and school districts to train their staff.

We continue to invite speakers and host events:
-Rise Together, raising awareness around youth addiction & mental health issues, empowering youth to stand up and speak out on issues they care about; bullying, suicide, self-harm, drugs and alcohol.
-Antonia Nelson, Community Resiliency Model, wellness skills to help adults and children learn to track their own nervous systems to bring the body, mind and spirit back into greater balance and to pass the skills along.
-We held a Mental Health Public Forum for the Solitary Confinement Cell, with presenters who had lived experiences, speaking of unthinkable torture.
-Leanne Baeten, Program Director of St. John’s Homeless Shelter, the daily needs, challenges and growth that St. John’s has experienced recently.
-Our Mental Health Task force hosted an “Issues Night” to invite the community to engage in conversation about the gaps and needs of our community.

As we continue to be a voice for those with a mental health challenge or blessing, we’ve seen much growth in our community regarding willingness to listen, change and “step out of the box” to make a difference!   We want to thank those who are seeing the needs and making the changes!   We’ve only just begun!


We remain up for the challenge… will you join us? Are you up for the challenge? Join us the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm at West Side Moravian Church. You can contact us for more information at:

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    JOSHUA Sustaining Membership

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    We have started 2018 off with lots of action. From public forums, to board retreats, and actively working on issues of mental health, prison reform, and environmental justice we continue to build JOSHUA to be a powerful organization of change in Brown County Wisconsin.

    With all action there is always a cost. That is why from March 1st 2018- April 30th 2018 we are having a Sustaining Member Campaign. JOSHUA’s strength comes from our numbers and from our solidarity. Just imagine:  if JOSHUA had 150 members giving an average of $20 each month, JOSHUA would have an additional $36,000 every year to dedicate to the fight of doin’ justice.

    We are well aware that some of you already contribute monthly and your support is greatly appreciated. When you originally decided to become a monthly sustainer, we are sure it was based upon your financial position at that time. As you continue to assess your charitable contributions you may be interested in expanding your commitment to JOSHUA.

    In the past some members had difficulty remembering when their annual membership contribution was due. With a monthly contribution you are always up to date.

    Please consider becoming a sustaining member of JOSHUA as we continue to fight for justice in Brown County WI.

    Thank you in advance for your ongoing support,

    Jim Soletski and Amy Bozzacco
    JOSHUA Leadership Team

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    Last Call for Banquet Tickets!

    Last Call for Banquet Tickets!

    Good Morning Everyone!

    I hope this email finds you all well! Happy banquet week! We are so excited to see so many of you at our 13th Annual JOSHUA Banquet this Friday, November 10th. If you have not gotten your tickets yet, fear not, you can get them until the end of the business day today (Monday, November 6th).

    You still need tickets?

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    If you are not able to attend the JOSHUA 13th Annual Banquet, please consider making a donation. The critical work we do in our local Brown County Community depends heavily on the generosity and shared vision of our supporters. Please consider helping JOSHUA in our continued efforts to keep “doin’ justice” with a fully tax-deductible gift.

    You can donate online today by clicking here.

    Or by sending a check made out to JOSHUA to our office 130 St Matthew Street Green Bay, WI 54301.

    Hope to see you all at the banquet to celebrate another year of JOSHUA  "doin' justice"!

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    Night Out with Joshua at Qdoba

    Come out to break bread, share in community, and support an amazing organization.
    Tuesday December 12th

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