Mental Health Task Force

1The mental health task force was formed in late 2014 when the JOSHUA community realized it’s time to advocate for those who have a mental illness. Once the committee was formed, it wasn’t long before we realized there are many unfulfilled needs in our county. We attempted to educate ourselves by connecting with community leaders in the mental health field, law enforcement, support groups, physicians, therapists, and Brown County, educators and faith communities. After learning our county suffers from stigma of mental illness, we decided to educate by holding a public forum. And, after hearing from many who experienced lack of attention to their loved ones in jail suffering from a mental illness, we decided our task was to address this injustice.

Our forum, “Law Enforcement & CIT Training”, held on May 19, 2015 at the United Church of Christ in Green Bay included speakers from law enforcement, crisis intervention, sUntitledupport groups, judicial system, and a mental health profession. The focus was on Crisis Intervention Team and Partner training, which gives law enforcement the tools to de escalate a situation when there is a an individual in mental crisis involved.  Since our involvement, Green Bay PD soared from 17 trained to 37 trained police officers. Today, we continue advocate for law enforcement to get all their officers trained.
As a result of the mental health public forum, the task force doubled in size. With new leaders around the table, a new issue emerged, there was a lack of medical coverage in the Brown County Jail causing inmates to not receive their medications to stabilize mental health conditions. JOSHUA advocated for the Sheriffs purposed budget to increase medical and psychiatrist coverage.

Through all this hard work and determination we celebrate that not only was our ask for the Brown County Jail was put in the 2016 budget, but also an additional $20,000 for our Veterans Court in Brown County, as well as a $1.15 million plan for Mental Health Gaps and detox services in Brown County!

Our work has just begun! The mentally ill of our community need our voices and support. Please consider joining our dedicated group!


If you are interested in joining the Mental Health Task Force we meet the first Thursday of every month from 6:30pm to 8pm at the West Side Moravian Church

You can contact us for more information at:

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    Last Call for Banquet Tickets!

    Last Call for Banquet Tickets!

    Good Morning Everyone!

    I hope this email finds you all well! Happy banquet week! We are so excited to see so many of you at our 13th Annual JOSHUA Banquet this Friday, November 10th. If you have not gotten your tickets yet, fear not, you can get them until the end of the business day today (Monday, November 6th).

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    If you are not able to attend the JOSHUA 13th Annual Banquet, please consider making a donation. The critical work we do in our local Brown County Community depends heavily on the generosity and shared vision of our supporters. Please consider helping JOSHUA in our continued efforts to keep “doin’ justice” with a fully tax-deductible gift.

    You can donate online today by clicking here.

    Or by sending a check made out to JOSHUA to our office 130 St Matthew Street Green Bay, WI 54301.

    Hope to see you all at the banquet to celebrate another year of JOSHUA  "doin' justice"!

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    Come out to break bread, share in community, and support an amazing organization.
    Tuesday December 12th

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