Religious Leaders Caucus


10308743_515792451860463_1461468970258007173_nThe Religious Leaders Caucus of JOSHUA is comprised of clergy and religious leaders who are supportive of the work of JOSHUA. Religious leaders who gather are both from JOSHUA member congregations and congregations not members of JOSHUA. We meet once a month, September through May for lunch, theological reflection, prayer and support.

The Religious Leader Caucus offers service to JOSHUA in clarifying, developing and acting on issues of justice. This group seeks to provide the theological framework for the work we share. This Caucus is often invited to provide guidance when JOSHUA is considering a new issue to assist in discerning how our shared faith values call us to action.

If you are interested in joining the Religious Leaders Caucus we meet the first Thursday of every month from noon to 2pm. We have a bring your own lunch policy; and have a working lunch meeting.  We rotate locations to different churches around Brown County.

You can contact us at

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