15th Annual Banquet Keynote Speaker

We are pleased to announce that Steve Meyer will be our keynote speaker for the evening. Steve Meyer is a paradox or, as he describes himself, a man who lives in the gap between teeth. He is credited with developing RiverMapping metaphorical elicitation, a process of uncovering inner experience that was featured in Harvard Business Review, and is the author of the book God Plays a Purple Banjo (2019, Twenty-Third Publications, a division of Bayard Books). Steve is co-founder of StreetLights Outreach and Whatsoever You Do, Inc, a past president of the Ecumenical Partnership for Housing, an ordained deacon in the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, and he serves on the Executive Committee and the Board of Regents for St. John’s University Graduate School of Theology and Seminary. Most importantly, Steve is a father of three boys and a husband of one wife.

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