JOSHUA stands for Justice Organization Sharing Hope United for Action.

Our Beginnings…

JOSHUA began in 2004 with a covenanting ceremony of 17 faith communities and a diverse group of 350 individuals. After the covenanting, the first JOSHUA co-presidents elected by JOSHUA were Barbara Shiffer of West Moravian Church and Sr. Maria Drzwiecki of Sisters of Saint Francis of the Holy Cross. JOSHUA began to experience the amazing possibilities for faith communities when they join together to overcome divisions and stand united for action around common values of justice.

We stand together:
-We believe in the God-given dignity and infinite worth of each and every human life
-We believe that we are each and all part of a sacred community, to which we have responsibility and from which we gain sustenance.
-We believe that our faith calls us to work for justice and liberation,   standing against all forms of oppression and inequity.
-We believe we are called to be stewards of the natural world in all its bounty and diversity.
-We believe in shared abundance and stand against the dominant culture of reckless consumption and consumerism for some and deprivation for others.
-We believe in the triumph of love and hope over hate and fear.

JOSHUA is an interfaith social-justice organization. We are grassroots and non-profit (501c3), focusing our work in the Brown County region of Wisconsin.

JOSHUA is a coalition of faith communities in Brown County dedicated to building and deepening relationships within and among faith communities. It empowers and equips people to work together on issues of justice and community building. JOSHUA builds relationships in the public and private sector in order to advance issues, which represent our common faith values. We seek to identify and take action on root causes of poverty, oppression and injustice. JOSHUA does not endorse candidates. We have members from all political parties, and we believe in the need to hold public officials accountable, no matter what party they represent.

JOSHUA is an affiliate of WISDOM, the Wisconsin affiliate of GAMALIEL.

Member Congregations:

Partner Congregations:

St Matthew Catholic Church
First United Presbyterian in De Pere
Resurrection Catholic Church
St Philip the Apostle Catholic Church