We have been so blessed by the amazing interns that have been working with us. They have put countless hours into fundraisers, thank you notes, copying, data entering, and so much more. We are so excited to welcome Ryan Betley as an intern with JOSHUA. Ryan is pursuing his master’s in social work at UWGB and will be spending both this fall and coming spring semester with us.

“Interning with JOSHUA allowed me to a learn about various topics specific to mental health, environmental reform, and social justice. I attended several meetings, where I gained insight on how complex it is to make change for reform at the macro level. I also was able to participate in planning a fundraiser. Attending the meetings allowed me to gain insight on topics that I previously did not have any knowledge on. It was a great learning experience and allowed me to see how different systems work together.”

-Micayla Fritsch JOSHUA Intern Spring 2018 Semester

“During my Volunteer Service Learning Project, I had the opportunity to work with Joshua while setting up a fundraiser for their organization. I attended advocacy meetings on mental health and prison reform. I learned that incarceration affects mental health patients’ long term. These experiences were not only rewarding, but they gave me insight that I will continue to carry with me as I move within the Social Work field.”

-Heather Gozdzialski JOSHUA Intern Spring 2018 Semester

We are dedicated to strengthening our relationships with the surrounding educational institutions, so we can continue to collaborate and strengthen our community. If you or someone you know is interested in interning with JOSHUA please contact us at joshua4justice@gmail.com to learn about the available intern positions.