Alternative Vision to Corrections…the conversation continued. Sentencing

Alternative Vision to Corrections…the conversation continued.

Come join us as we continue our conversation of an alternative vision to corrections with a public forum focusing on sentencing.

Our Panelists for the evening include:
Dana Johnson, Deputy District Attorney
Honorable Donald R Zuidmulder
Tara Teesch, Criminal Defense Attorney

-How does a judge decide how much time is necessary in a sentence?
-Are there other opportunities instead of incarceration and sitting in jail?
-How do judges, the district attorney’s office, and criminal defense attorneys go about their jobs knowing that Wisconsin has one of the highest rates of racial disparities in incarceration?

Thursday, February 22nd
6:00 p.m.
West side Moravian Church
1707 S Oneida Street
Green Bay, WI 54301

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Click here for more information about our Prison Reform Task Force.

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