Ban the Box Brown County!

On Wednesday, June 21st Supervisor Mark Becker introduced a resolution to the Brown County Supervisors to Ban the Box in Brown County. Shortly after the meeting, the Human Resources Director made the decision to take the box you must check if you ever were convicted of a crime off county applications!

We currently have no box on our Brown County applications, but because this is an administrative decision, with any turn over in this position, the box could simply be added back on to applications. That is why JOSHUA along with Supervisor Mark Becker are pushing for the county to pass a “Ban the Box Ordinance”. This would make ban the box more permanent in our county and prevent any future director from adding the box back to county applications. On Wednesday July 12th, the ordinance passed through committee 3-1, but our work is not yet done.

On Wednesday, October 18th 2017 the #banthebox ordinance will go before the whole county board for a vote.

What can you do to help Ban the Box in Brown County?

  1. Contact your Brown County Supervisor and talk with them about why we need to permanently #banthebox in Brown County.
  2. Canvass with JOSHUA leaders on Saturday, October 14th in a local Brown County Community about Ban the Box, more details coming soon. Click here for the facebook event page.
  3. Come out on Wednesday, October 18th at 6:45pm to the Supervisor’s County Board Meeting (100 N Jefferson St, Green Bay, WI 54301) and stand with us to #banthebox in Brown County!

Helpful Links!

Click here to learn more about Ban the Box

Click here to read the letter to supervisors written by our Religious Leaders Caucus

Don’t know who your county supervisor is? Click here to find out!

Don’t know quite what to say to your supervisor? Click here to view some talking points.

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