March 2020 Prayers for Justice

Mindful of those struggling with addiction and maintaining sobriety, and the families and friends of those caught up in the struggle, we pray…

March 1  That scientific and medical studies continue to unlock the disorder of addiction; may we commit to contacting our legislators with a request for the provision of adequate funding of such research in our country.

March 8  That persons in recovery have access to the physical, social, and spiritual supports they need in their fight against the disorder of addiction; may our community collaborate in the funding of a continuum of appropriate care and treatment.

March 15   That the outdated stigmas, harmful stereotypes, and prejudices held against persons with addiction disorders will be countered with community-wide education efforts and shared respectful dialogue; may we, as individuals, commit to opening our own hearts and minds to learning more.

March 22   For the families coping with the fallout, chaos, and such side effects that accompany those family members struggling with the disease of addiction, addictions of any and all kinds.   May we provide compassion, care and non-judgmental support with these families, with our neighbors, with those living throughout our community at large.

March 29  For those service professionals and support personnel working in treatment centers and community-based programs serving those with addiction disorders; in addition to providing funds for high quality, consistent programming, may our community commit to the provision of just and fair wages, benefits, and working conditions for such service providers.

February 2020 Prayers for Justice

Mindful of the need to end racism and embrace diversity as a reflection of our Creator,
we pray………

February 2.  For the elimination of discrimination in living patterns, public education, employment, political jurisdiction, transportation, and churches in Brown County. 

February 9.  For eyes that might see more clearly and hearts that might open more deeply in our efforts to address personal and institutional racism and racial inequity in our community.

February 16.  To overcome ignorance, indifference, resentment, and bitterness with regard to race in both private and public life.

February 23.  For courage to work for and proclaim the establishment of a beloved community where all are welcomed and valued in our city, county, state and country.

Rachel’s Announcement of Transition

Good Afternoon Everyone,

It is with an excited but very heavy heart that I share this will you all. My last day with JOSHUA will be Tuesday, Feb 25th 2020. I have accepted a position with an organization that I have helped to establish in Green Bay, We All Rise: African American Resource Center.

It has been such a privilege and an honor to work with all of you. I am really thankful for a great group to learn with and from. These past 5 years we have built relationships, worked on important and critical issues in our community, and we have spoken truth to power. We have had some substantial wins and some very hard losses. I am so proud of the leaders and accomplishments of our organization.  I am so thankful for my time with JOSHUA and WISDOM and will always look back on the time with the organization as some of the most full filling and life changing work I have ever done.

Thank you so much for all you are and all you do in community. I have truly cherished our time together.

Best and Blessings,


January 2020 Prayers for Justice

January 2020 – Mindful of our brothers and sisters whose homeland is in crisis, leading them to immigrate or seek refuge in another land, we pray………

January 5.  For leaders of all nations to work continuously during this new year to bring about peace so no family or individual fears sleeping in their own homes or being taken from them.

January 12.  For our willingness to share, that we might provide what is needed by refugees caught in our world-wide crisis; that we work to provide shelter, sufficient food, clean water, and safe days and nights.

January 19.  For our recognition of the bountiful blessings we have, and that our hearts be softened toward strangers in our midst; and, for compassionate care givers who will walk with them to a secure and welcoming place.

January 26.  For an end to the separation of children from parents at the border or in our nation’s towns; and that all families who have been separated may be reunited.

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