January 2020 Prayers for Justice

January 2020 – Mindful of our brothers and sisters whose homeland is in crisis, leading them to immigrate or seek refuge in another land, we pray………

January 5.  For leaders of all nations to work continuously during this new year to bring about peace so no family or individual fears sleeping in their own homes or being taken from them.

January 12.  For our willingness to share, that we might provide what is needed by refugees caught in our world-wide crisis; that we work to provide shelter, sufficient food, clean water, and safe days and nights.

January 19.  For our recognition of the bountiful blessings we have, and that our hearts be softened toward strangers in our midst; and, for compassionate care givers who will walk with them to a secure and welcoming place.

January 26.  For an end to the separation of children from parents at the border or in our nation’s towns; and that all families who have been separated may be reunited.

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Community Housing Summit

Join us on Thursday, December 19, 2019, from 6-8pm at Spring Lake Church 301 N Adams, Green Bay WI 54301.

Refreshments will be available starting at 5:30pm.

Join us for a facilitated conversation about homelessness and affordable housing in our community. You will be able to talk with and hear from others who care about homelessness and affordable housing, including community members, social service providers, landlords, law enforcement, and others.

This night will allow us to hear from all voices and build genuine agreement around how to address the immediate needs of people experiencing homelessness & work towards long term, systems-based solutions.

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Over 300 Community Members Joined the Conversation

On, Thursday, November 21st 2019 over 300 community members turned out to our event “A Conversation about Green Bay Correctional”. Click here to learn more about the event and our vision. You can view the event by clicking here. We are so thankful for the conversation with legislators, presenters, and community members. Thank you so much to all of our leaders who put in countless hours to make this event happen. Please enjoy the photo gallery below.

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Call In Day – Green Bay Correctional Institute

On Monday, November 25th 2019 we are asking you to participate in our statewide Call-In Day for Green Bay Correctional Institution. We are asking everyone to place three calls. One to the governor, one to their state representative, and their state senator.

Script for calling legislators: Hello, my name is {your name} from {your city} and I am calling about the Green Bay Correctional Institute. I am calling to ask for your support in decommissioning this facility. Additionally, I would like to have your commitment to reducing Wisconsin’s prison population. Wisconsin does not need more prisons–we need less. I request Wisconsin invests in programs that will uplift Wisconsinites and rebuild our communities, not build more prisons. Thank you.

o Governor Evers, 608-888-1665
o Call the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-362-9472 to find and contact your state senator and representative. You can also go online and find our who your legislators are by going here.

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December 2019 Prayers for Justice

December 2019: Mindful of our community’s Families, and the struggles and challenges some face, we pray…

December 1.  For single-parent families, adoptive families, foster families, and for households that are communities of friends; for elderly persons living in their own homes, in retirement communities, and in nursing institutions. 

December 8.  For persons who are lonely or have no family; for persons who are estranged from their families; for persons who are grieving the loss of a loved one; and for all who need to feel the love of God. 

December 15.  For the care and protection of infants, children, and youth; and for the intimate knowledge that each one is a beloved child of God. 

December 22.  For an end to child abuse; for healthy relationships between children and their caregivers; for families going through divorce; and for all in the midst of life transitions.

December 29.  For peace, reconciliation, forgiveness and accord among family members, whatever the distance, and however old the hurt or grievance.

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