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Religious Leaders Caucus


Join us for our monthly RLC meeting. We will share our congregation updates and discuss other agenda items. Find the meeting link under our task force tab.

Environment Day Hosted by Leadership Green Bay

Wildlife Sanctuary 1660 East Shore Dr, Green Bay, WI

Leadership Green Bay is hosting an environmental day that includes JOSHUA on a panel of speakers from local environmental groups. The purpose is to raise awareness of environmental issues and to show how the community can play a role in improving it. The program runs all day, but JOSHUA's panel…


Come join us at the corner of Washington and Walnut in downtown Green Bay for our final demonstration. We will see you there! Find more information under the "March Forth to Earth Day" event on the calendar.

Prayer Circle

Golden House 1120 University Ave, Green Bay, WI

The Religious Leaders Caucus is hosting a prayer circle to pray for peace due to a recent domestic violence incident.

JOSHUA Retreat

Mulva Library, SNC Campus 400 3rd St, De Pere, WI

JOSHUA is hosting a retreat for board members, staff, community members, and any other interested volunteers who would like to brainstorm effective ways for JOSHUA to grow. We will be planning an organizational "reset."

First Generation Immigrants and Refugee Celebration

Bay Beach

We are hosting a celebration for the first generation immigrants and refugees in the Green Bay and surrounding communities. We'd like to welcome you and serve dishes from your countries to make you feel at home. The purpose is to celebrate your presence and get to know you. Kids who…

JOSHUA Celebration Picnic

Bay Beach

Join us at our picnic! We will have snacks and light conversation. It will be held at pavilion #6. Hope to see you there!