How you can help Ukraine in their time of need

  • Go to this Amazon Registry, pick an item(s) and buy it. This will then send the item to the national drop off site in New Jersey for Nova Poshta.
  • Do your own, on the ground donation drives (nonperishable food items, bedding, clothing, and hygiene items)
  • Local donation boxes:
    1. Cornerstone Mortgage, 1494 Mid Valley Dr., De Pere
    2. Relyco, 1195 Scheuring Rd., De Pere
    3. St. Matthew’s Orthodox Church, 607 Ravenswood Dr., Green Bay

Call your elected officials and tell them to take these actions:

  1. Provide all requested defense assistance to the Ukrainian government,
  2. Cut Russia off from SWIFT,
  3. Sanction Putin directly, and
  4. Hold a vote on the Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act 2022.

Find your Representative’s contact information here.

Find your Senators’ contact information here.

White House phone number for comments: 202-456-1111

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