JOSHUA at Prayer

JOSHUA is a faith-based organization.  Being people of faith is what unites us and calls us to this work of justice.   Many traditions, individuals, churches and houses of worship all work together for the common good.

Continuing this fall, JOSHUA’s Religious Leaders’ Caucus would like to invite all individuals, churches, and houses of worship to join in praying for our community.  Our responsibilities and schedules may not allow us to be part of every action or task force meeting, but whatever our religious tradition we all pray. 

Prayer is powerful – it is an action in and of itself.  Prayer with others can be even more impactful as it opens us to both God and the other.   Let’s pray together to be molded into the Beloved Community.

The Religious Leaders’ Caucus is inviting everyone to come together and ask the Divine One, in whatever language is familiar, to bless this community, country, and world, and to lead us forward in the work of justice.  

Each month we will have a specific focus, and each week a specific prayer.  Feel free to adapt these prayers in accordance with your tradition.

Please join us in adding these prayers to your personal prayer and into the prayers of petition your congregation shares when gathered together.  Even if your church, congregation or house of worship is not formally affiliated with JOSHUA, we would love for you to join us in prayer.

December 2020 

Mindful of the families in our community, and the struggles and challenges some face, we pray…

December 6.  For single-parent families, adoptive families, foster families, and for households that are communities of friends; for elderly persons living in their own homes, in retirement communities, and in nursing institutions. 

December 13.  For persons who are lonely or have no family; for persons who are estranged from their families; for persons who are grieving the loss of a loved one; and for all who need to feel the love of God. 

December 20.  For an end to child abuse; for healthy relationships between children and their caregivers; for families going through divorce; and for all who are in the midst of life transitions.

December 27.  For the care and protection of infants, children, and youth; and for the intimate knowledge that each one is a beloved child of God. 

January 2021

Mindful of our brothers and sisters whose homeland is in crisis, leading them to immigrate or seek refuge in another land, we pray…

January 3. For renewed hope in this New Year for those who seek acceptance in whatever land they find themselves, or seeking a new home in which to plant roots.
January 10. For our willingness to share and provide what is needed by refugees caught in a world-wide crisis;
for the provision of shelter, sufficient food, clean water, and safe days and nights for all refugees.
January 17. For a recognition of the bountiful blessings we have, and that our hearts be softened toward strangers in our midst; for compassionate caregivers who walk with the stranger to a secure and welcoming place.

February 2021

Mindful of the need to end racism and embrace diversity as a reflection of our Creator, we pray…

February 7. For the elimination of discrimination in living patterns, public education, employment, political jurisdiction, transportation, and churches in Brown County. 
February 14.  For eyes that might see more clearly and hearts that might open more deeply in our efforts to address personal and institutional racism and racial inequity in our community.
February 21.  For an end to ignorance, indifference, resentment, and bitterness with regard to race in both private and public life.
February 28.  For courage to work for and proclaim the establishment of a beloved community where all are welcomed and valued in our city, county, state and country.

March 2021

Mindful of those struggling with addiction and maintaining sobriety, and the families and friends of those caught up in the struggle, we pray…

March 7. For scientific and medical studies to continue to unlock the disorder of addiction; for a commitment to contacting our legislators with a request for the provision of adequate funding of such research in our
March 14. For persons in recovery who seek access to the physical, social, and spiritual supports needed in their fight against the disorder of addiction; for our community collaboration in the funding of a continuum of appropriate care and treatment.

March 21. For an end to the outdated stigmas, harmful stereotypes, and prejudices held against persons with addiction disorders; for community-wide education efforts and shared respectful dialogue regarding addictions;
for open hearts and minds for all individuals learning more about addictions.
March 28. For the families coping with the fallout, chaos, and side effects that accompany those struggling with the disease of addiction of any and all kinds; for compassion, care and non-judgmental support of families, friends and neighbors of those who struggle with addictions.

April 2021

Mindful of our intimate connection with all of God’s creation, we pray…

April 4. For the healthy ebb and flow of tides and sun, moon and stars, and a recovery of fouled oceans and soiled lands.
April 11. For the healing of our earth with refreshing life-giving grass, flowers and trees; for a resurgent greening of our garden home.
April 18. For creative harmonies of soil, air and water confronting the overuse, waste and disrespect of others and Creation.
April 25. For food, air and water that sustains us throughout the living green and beautiful blue sanctuary of
our home.

May 2021

Mindful of all those who are part of, or affected by, our criminal justice system, we pray…
May 2.   For all who are incarcerated in jails and prisons, their families, and their loved ones. 
May 9.   For police officers, judges, lawyers and court personnel, correctional officers and institutions, juvenile detention facilities, and probation officers. 
May 16.   For all chaplains, staff and volunteers who minister in jails and prisons, half-way houses, work-release and after-care programs.
May 23.   For the victims of violent crime and for those who perpetuate violent crime. For situations and institutions that condone, promote, or encourage violent behaviors.
May 30. For those who work for prison reform; for those who are spending their final days on death row; and for those who serve inmates in a compassionate, Christ-like manner.

June 2021

Mindful of those affected by by human trafficking and other forms of violence, we pray…
June 6. For our homes, our nation, and countries around the world as we strive to be havens of peace.
June 13. For the eradication of poverty, lack of opportunity, greed, and all that breeds coercion, and exploitation of vulnerable persons through human trafficking.
June 20. For the victims of terrorism as they seek to find the strength and courage to continue to be brothers and sisters for others by acting out of love and acceptance of all.
June 27. For all people who are working to build peace in their communities and throughout the world  and to inspire others by their example.

July 2021

Mindful of our need for quality health care, and for our health care workers, we pray…

July 4. For persons living with illnesses and for their families, friends, and communities; for persons working to find cures for diseases; for all those dealing with mental health issues and for the families and friends impacted
by these illnesses.
July 11.  For all the sick and their caregivers, doctors, nurses, hospice workers, home healthcare workers, and all who minister to the health of others; for clinics, medical personnel, and all institutions that serve persons
who are uninsured or underinsured.
July 18.  For emergency response personnel and all emergency room staff; for hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice programs; for persons diagnosed with terminal illness. 
July 25.  For a national health care system which promotes and encourages health, wellness, and well-being for
all people.

August 2021

Mindful of our call to build bridges while working for racial justice, and our need to promote civility as we celebrate diversity, we pray…

August 1. For the healing of wounds and divisions between family members, religious groups, neighboring countries, and political factions, especially those that lead to violence, oppression and injustice.
August 8. For all who seek to restore honesty, respect and reverence in our public conversations and to develop understanding of one another through open dialogue.
August 15. For the ability and courage to celebrate and cherish our differences as gifted human beings of every race, gender, culture, age and abilities.
August 22. For unity in our efforts as people of faith to determine the root causes of hunger, poverty and injustice; for the opportunity to find ways to offer hope and to bring about lasting change.
August 29. For an increased unity within and among our congregations as we together model the love of Christ and provide an example to the world.

September 2021

Mindful of those who educate children, youth, and adults in schools and institutions of higher learning, we pray…

September 5.  For all Superintendents, School Boards, School Administrators, PTAs, teachers, students, and staff.
September 12.  For all public, private and religious schools; for students, teachers and support personnel, including cafeteria workers, building and grounds staff, and school bus drivers; for all, pre-schools and daycare
centers, and for children in home schools. 
September 19.  For all universities, colleges, seminaries, trade, technical, graduate, and professional schools; for the students, faculty, and staff of all institutions of higher learning. 
September 26.  For healthy relationships between parents, teachers, and learners; for curriculum that is grounded in truth and meaning; for space to nourish the creative seed in both teachers and students.

October 2021

Mindful of all those who serve our local, state and national communities as elected or appointed government officials, we pray…

October 3. For those who have been elected to office; for those who serve in governmental agencies; for those who seek the common good of constituents.
October 10. For those entrusted with securing the basic rights of shelter, health care, education, and food for those who need assistance in affording these basics of life.
October 17. For those who seek wisdom in the difficult decisions necessary to lead challenging environments.
October 24. For those who seek change in government policies and procedures; for the just and equitable distribution of material and financial resources to ensure that all people have access to the basic necessities of
life; for peaceful protests and a strong voice in situations where change is necessary.
October 31. For wisdom in the decision-making process to ensure that laws are established to protect the
human dignity of each person from womb to tomb.

November 2021

Mindful of those struggling with issues surrounding housing and homelessness, we pray…
November 7.  For homeless and hungry persons, for the provision of safe, affordable housing and low-cost nutritious food; for the personal safety, dignity, and well-being of those who are unable to work and for those
that serve them.
November 14.  For the unemployed and underemployed, for suitable work, living wages, and fair benefits for all workers in our community; for sufficient employment to make healthy family life possible. 
November 21.  For safe and affordable housing for all in our community.
November 28.  For the inclusion of all, regardless of race, age, or residency, in the economy of our area; for effective and affordable regional public transportation to support job access.

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