Environmental Justice

The Environmental Justice Task Force meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6 PM via zoom. To join the zoom meeting click here.

2020 – 2021 Updates

Amidst COVID-19, JOSHUA’s environmental justice task force persevered in raising awareness on multiple issues. Here is a list of our hard work that we achieved in the past couple of years. 

  • Deconstructing Thanksgiving – discussion on protecting our land, water, air, and food
  • Indigenous Seed Banking – educational session on mother nature and the importance of seeds for culture and soil fertility
  • Earth Day Clean Up
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Rally to Stop Pipelines 3 & 5 – local elected officials, other nonprofits, and Native members came to speak on the vitality of protecting our environment and sustainable alternatives
  • Drafted a resolution in support of clean water and treaty rights – this went before the Green Bay City Council
  • Conducting an in-depth study of the C Reiss coal piles next to the Fox River in downtown Green Bay
  • March 4th for the Future – partnering with local nonprofits in raising awareness of pipelines 3 & 5


2019 Updates

Our environmental justice warriors have had quite a year. Last year, our group worked to create, draft, and pass a sustainability commission ordinance for the City of Green Bay. Our campaign sought to urge the city of Green Bay to create an advisory commission on sustainability to explore sustainability initiatives that could be implemented in Green Bay. In July 2018, the Green Bay City Council unanimously passed the sustainability commission ordinance. After this amazing victory with the Green Bay City Council, we still had a lot of work to do. While the sustainability commission started it’s work we started to work to educate the public on the what the sustainability commission is and how it will work.

Through conversations with the Sustainability Commission we decided to host a community listening session in June of 2019. We felt it was important that the commission take public input into consideration while they are goal setting and setting their priorities. Our task force decided to host a community listening session in June of 2019. We invited the public to come in and talk about their concerns in regards to the environment. Through that evening we gathered all of the communities input. We also put together an online survey that those who couldn’t attend the event could still voice their input for the commission. Our task force then put together a presentation for the Sustainability Commission so they can move forward with community input.

We are so excited to start conversations of ‘where does are task force focus next?’ This task force may be small in size but has been very powerful in the work they have been able to accomplish. We are always looking for more environmentally justice minded individuals to come around the table and to join our efforts to fight for the environment in our community.


EJTF Minutes June 9, 2021

Bobbie Webster
EJTF Chair

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