Housing Task Force

The Housing Task Force meets the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm via zoom. To join the zoom meeting click here. *The task force is currently on a hiatus.*

Once known as the Mental Health Task Force, JOSHUA listened to our community and moved into the Housing arena. We continued to hear how affordable housing in Brown county was lacking, how providers were unable to meet the needs of those looking for homes, and how landlords were beginning to not accept voucher programs. Thus, making it more and more difficult for families and singles to meet the very basic need of shelter.

Last September 2018, we held an “Issues Night” at Spring Creek Church in downtown Green Bay.  Over fifty concerned community members voiced their concerns over the lack of affordable housing in Brown County.  We listened to those who are on the brink of homelessness, those who are providers trying to assist folks into housing, landlords who would like to help but have been burned, and government officials wondering how to assist.  At the end of this forum, we came up with a consensus of where we would could put effort moving forward.  Three main topics that came from the forum were:  education, lack of housing for families, and the guidelines specifically for those trying to utilize Section 8 Vouchers with criminal records. While we understand that we can not solve the issue of the lack of affordable housing in Green Bay, we do believe we can help bring a voice to bring this issue to light.

On April 29th 2019, JOSHUA’s Housing Task Force, teamed up with Circles Green Bay for “The Big View Event”. The event was geared toward bringing light to the fact that many of our brothers and sisters are struggling to secure accessible and affordable housing. As chair of our Housing Task Force, I spoke about how those concerned and affected by the housing crisis in Brown County, could become involved with JOSHUA.

This year has been a year of educating ourselves and researching.  Currently our task force is working on preparing a forum for educating landlords as well as looking into certain rules and regulations in regard to Voucher Programs within our county.  Over this past year I have been humbled by the amount of concern and passion our community has for our vulnerable population.  I am thankful for each and every person around our table that gives of their time to help make serious changes in our county.  JOSHUA ‘s Housing Task Force will continue to bring light to this issue.  Our voices will help those who feel they may not have a voice.

Our Housing Task Force meets the first Thursday of every month at 6:30pm at West Side Moravian Church. If you want more information about our Housing Task Force please email us at joshua4justice@gmail.com.

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