Religious Leaders Caucus

The Religious Leaders Caucus promotes Doin Justice through building relationships, working together to build a beloved community where all are invited, accepted, respected and welcome. 

The Religious Leaders Caucus of JOSHUA is comprised of religious leaders and clergy who are supportive of the work of JOSHUA.  Faith leaders of every tradition are invited to join us, whether the congregation they serve are members of JOSHUA or not.

The Caucus offers service to JOSHUA in clarifying, developing and acting on issues of justice. The Caucus is co- led by Pastor Bridget Flad Daniels of Union Congregational Church of Christ and Michael Westenberg, Director of Religious Education and Social Outreach at St. Matthew Catholic Church.

The group gathers every first Thursday of the month to build relationships within the caucus as well as with agencies providing services in the community.  The monthly meetings are a time of discussing concerns about justice issues reflected in their congregations and how they intersect with the work of JOSHUA.  It is a time for reflection, prayer, action, and encouragement as members of the group work to engage their faith communities around core faith values and the work justice.

As we celebrate 15 years of JOSHUA, the Religious Leaders invite all communities, congregations and people of faith to join together by including common petitions in our individual and congregational prayer times.  We hope that by lifting our community together in prayer we not only build unity amongst people of faith but also bring life to our work for justice. Click here for our Prayers for Justice Project.

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