R U T H (Responding with Understanding Truth and Hope) members are linked to WISDOM network and the wider Gamaliel organization through JOSHUA of Brown County. Our members have many roles within their families, communities and faith traditions. As RUTH we choose issues based upon values held and the needs of our community. The WISDOM meetings and conferences whether in person or using technology give us a deeper understanding of the impact of these issues throughout the county, state and nation. RUTH Task Forces focus on the need for reform in the Immigration and Criminal Justice systems.

Our November 2018 event at Manitowoc City Hall Immigration: Myths Vs Realities featured Professor Alise Coen sharing the historical development of immigration laws, changes and actual current data while Attorney Sarah J Griffiths focused on the legal processes available to non-citizens. The December 2018 forum had three Manitowoc County speakers who are affected by the immigration situation locally, dairy farmer, Karl Klessig, small business owner, Arlene Guzman Duarte, and Voces De La Frontera member, Marcos Guevara. Co-sponsoring with the LWV and Human Rights Coalition of Manitowoc County allowed RUTH to educate a wider population.

Our program for 2019-2020 will continue with a deeper focus on the values our faith communities and members bring to the current immigration discussion.  Using personal experiences and our faith with Pastor Matt Sauer of Manitowoc Cooperative Ministry leading the discussion, RUTH will explore the ‘moral choices’ that laws should be based upon.A newly formed Manitowoc Ecumenical Pastors group has begun their discussions together in response to the opioid crisis in the county. RUTH members partner with this wonderful group as they discover how their memberships and the individual faith communities are able to share resources to better serve everyone.

Continuing RUTH’s advocacy for alternative courts we have scheduled an October 3, 2019 presentation led by by Judge  Zuidmulder on the benefits of a Mental Health Court  in Manitowoc City Council Chambers.

Our members continue to attend lots of Manitowoc County government and community meetings and are currently accompanying CHANGE SHEBOYGAN as they develop their vision regarding the criminal justice system in their county.

Everyone and all faith communities are welcomed to join us as we bring our faith, our values and sharing our energy with the citizens of the county. Groups, meetings and events we currently participate in while lifting up the ‘common good include:

  • County Human Services Board
  • Drug Court Sessions especially the “graduations”
  • Lighthouse Recovery Center
  • “Stepping Up” Webinar regarding extent of mental illness in our jails
  • State Budget hearings
  • Candidate Forums and appointments with elected representatives.
  • Migration Advocacy Network of Brown County
  • Fox Valley Islamic Society Healthiest
  • Manitowoc County Vision 2022
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
  • Criminal Justice Coordinating Council of Manitowoc County

Community Collaborators/ Partners/Allies
St James Episcopal Manitowoc
St Thomas the Apostles Newton
St Francis of Assisi Manitowoc
Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Renew Church Two Rivers
Manitowoc Cooperative Ministry
Grace United Church of Christ Two Rivers
St Peter the Fisherman Two Rivers
Manitowoc Human Rights’ Coalition
League of Women Voters of Manitowoc County
NAMI of Manitowoc (National Association of Mental Illness)
Silver Lake College of the Holy Family Manitowoc
Voces de LaFrontera of Northeast WI

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