Brown County Conservation Alliance Honors JOSHUA

Last night (Wed, March 28th 2018) , Natasha Winkler (JOSHUA Environmental Justice Task Force Chair) and Jim Soletski (JOSHUA Leadership Team Member) accepted an award on behalf of the Environmental Justice Task Force at the Brown County Conservation Alliance Awards. JOSHUA was honored for our work over the last year around environmental justice, specifically around the Back 40 Mine. A huge thank you to the Brown County Conservation Alliance for honoring us last night with this amazing award.

We have just started our work and have so much more yet to accomplish, if you would like to join us, make sure you come to our next meeting click here to learn more!

$350 million to build a new prison

A little over two weeks ago, the Wisconsin State Assembly recklessly approved a massive new expenditure of tax dollars to build a prison we don’t need.  They amended Senate Bill 54 (SB54) so that it includes authorization to borrow $350 million to build a new prison, as well as another $50 million per year in additional spending.

The State Senate can stop this irresponsible plan when they meet later this month.

Tuesday, March 13th JOSHUA Prison Reform Task Force members are headed to the Capitol to meet with their Senators to let them know that SB54 is a terrible idea. They need to stop it, and focus on policies that will actually make us safer.


We still need your help. We need you to contact your Wisconsin State Senator and let them know that SB54 is a terrible idea.

Senator Dave Hansen – 608-266-5670

Senator Rob Cowles – 608-266-0484

If you don’t know who your senator is, click here to find out.

Want some tips on writing your legislators? Click here.

Some things you can say to them include:
 Click here to learn more about Senate Bill 54
•    $350 million is a huge amount of money that the Assembly added at the last minute.  That is reckless. Before spending our money on a new prison, the state needs to look at the ways it can safely reduce the prison population: by expanding Treatment Alternatives and Diversions (TAD); by ending Crimeless Revocations; by re-starting the Parole process.  We could cut down the prison population by thousands by just doing those things.
•    Other states, both Democrat and Republican-led, are reducing their prison populations.  Texas and Michigan are 2 examples of states that are closing prisons.  And, the states that are reducing their prison populations are the ones seeing the greatest DECREASE IN CRIME.

As citizens, we want our leaders to take a careful look at how we can have less people in prison, rather than make a rash decision to borrow $350 million for our children and grandchildren to pay back.

JOSHUA Sustaining Membership

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We have started 2018 off with lots of action. From public forums, to board retreats, and actively working on issues of mental health, prison reform, and environmental justice we continue to build JOSHUA to be a powerful organization of change in Brown County Wisconsin.

With all action there is always a cost. That is why from March 1st 2018- April 30th 2018 we are having a Sustaining Member Campaign. JOSHUA’s strength comes from our numbers and from our solidarity. Just imagine:  if JOSHUA had 150 members giving an average of $20 each month, JOSHUA would have an additional $36,000 every year to dedicate to the fight of doin’ justice.

We are well aware that some of you already contribute monthly and your support is greatly appreciated. When you originally decided to become a monthly sustainer, we are sure it was based upon your financial position at that time. As you continue to assess your charitable contributions you may be interested in expanding your commitment to JOSHUA.

In the past some members had difficulty remembering when their annual membership contribution was due. With a monthly contribution you are always up to date.

Please consider becoming a sustaining member of JOSHUA as we continue to fight for justice in Brown County WI.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support,

Jim Soletski and Amy Bozzacco
JOSHUA Leadership Team

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Alternative Vision to Corrections…the conversation continued. Sentencing

Alternative Vision to Corrections…the conversation continued.

Come join us as we continue our conversation of an alternative vision to corrections with a public forum focusing on sentencing.

Our Panelists for the evening include:
Dana Johnson, Deputy District Attorney
Honorable Donald R Zuidmulder
Tara Teesch, Criminal Defense Attorney

-How does a judge decide how much time is necessary in a sentence?
-Are there other opportunities instead of incarceration and sitting in jail?
-How do judges, the district attorney’s office, and criminal defense attorneys go about their jobs knowing that Wisconsin has one of the highest rates of racial disparities in incarceration?

Thursday, February 22nd
6:00 p.m.
West side Moravian Church
1707 S Oneida Street
Green Bay, WI 54301

Click here for the facebook event page.

Click here for more information about our Prison Reform Task Force.

Fundraising and Communications

Fundraising and Communications

We need your help!

Fundraising Committee:

Do you have an interest in fundraising? Planning fun and creative events that help build the finances of a nonprofit organization?

Please email our organizer at and let her know you are interested. We are building our fundraising team and we need you on it!

Communication Committee:

Do you have an interest in communication? How an organization communicates with it’s leaders and the community as a whole? How to market and brand on social media, through emails, letters, and more?!

Please email our organizer at and let her know you are interested. We are building our communication committee and we want your help!

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