Alternative Vision to Corrections

Alternative Vision to Corrections

We are very excited to announce our panelists for our Alternative Vision ot Corrections discussion on Thursday, November 30th at 6pm at West Side Moravian Church (1707 S Oneida Street, Green Bay WI 54304).

Honorable Donald R Zuidmulder – Brown County Judge
Tom Seiber – Brown County Supervisor
David Liners – Exceutive Director of WISDOM
Rev. Marian Boyle Rohloff – Local Religious Leader
Aaron Linssen – Brown County Supervisor

Our Brown County Jail is overcrowded, is expanding the answer? Join us for a panel discussion around corrections.

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Last Call for Banquet Tickets!

Last Call for Banquet Tickets!

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope this email finds you all well! Happy banquet week! We are so excited to see so many of you at our 13th Annual JOSHUA Banquet this Friday, November 10th. If you have not gotten your tickets yet, fear not, you can get them until the end of the business day today (Monday, November 6th).

You still need tickets?

1) Buy them online ( at our online store, and scroll down to events.

2) Stop into St Matthew Parish Center today, between 8am-4pm to purchase your tickets there.

If you are not able to attend the JOSHUA 13th Annual Banquet, please consider making a donation. The critical work we do in our local Brown County Community depends heavily on the generosity and shared vision of our supporters. Please consider helping JOSHUA in our continued efforts to keep “doin’ justice” with a fully tax-deductible gift.

You can donate online today by clicking here.

Or by sending a check made out to JOSHUA to our office 130 St Matthew Street Green Bay, WI 54301.

Hope to see you all at the banquet to celebrate another year of JOSHUA  “doin’ justice”!

Stockbridge Munsee and Oneida Organizer Position – Obesity Prevention Initiative (OPI)

Stockbridge Munsee and Oneida Organizer Position

 Obesity Prevention Initiative (OPI)

October, 2017


OPI, through the WISDOM network of community organizing initiatives, announces the availability of two new positions. Each of these positions will be half-time. One will be on the Stockbridge Munsee Reservation; one will be on the Oneida reservation.

The work of the Organizer is to empower ordinary people of Stockbridge Munsee and Oneida to build a powerful network of relationships capable of acting together to build stronger, healthier communities. Using grassroots community organizing principles and disciplines the Organizer will identify and understand the self-interest of individuals, local agencies and institutions, and work cooperatively and supportively with them to identify, develop and support primary leadership, engage the broader community, identify actionable issues and themes consistent with the obesity prevention initiative, and conduct one or more community-wide action.

The Organizer must also be aware of the social, political, economic and cultural perspectives that influence a community and develop positive relationships with key community leaders and stakeholders. For this project, it is essential that the Organizer has a deep understanding and appreciation for the indigenous culture.

The Organizer will perform a range of organizing activities using community organizing tools and concepts but not limited to:

  • Relationship Building (1:1’s)
  • Team-building
  • Power/Engagement Analysis
  • Effective Meetings
  • Leadership Development
  • Issues & Actions

The Organizer will work closely with the Menominee WISDOM Organizer, local health stakeholders, and others.

The OPI Organizer will be a half-time position. Salary will be $22K annually plus a travel allowance. Funding has been secured through June, 2019



Performance Goals and Indicators

These are intended to better understand the scope of the OPI Organizer’s duties and responsibilities.

  1. Relationship Building – 10-12 1:1’s per week
  2. Leadership Development – Develops and implements a plan and strategies to identify, recruit, organize, train, and develop 12-15 primary leaders.
  1. Continually identifies current and potential leaders.
  1. Power/Engagement Analysis – Creates a power map and identifies key stakeholders and decision makers for OPI
  2. Issues Development – Builds a Team to select and define issues leading to actions that have a positive impact on overall community health, well-being and equity.
  3. Finances – is fiscally responsible – keeps records as appropriate for mileage office and other expenses
  4. Accountability – submits regular reports

The Organizer is accountable to the local Team, to the Organizer on the Menominee reservation, to the WISDOM state director and the table of WISDOM Organizers. The Organizer will attend regional meetings, and monthly WISDOM organizer meetings, both for accountability and professional development

  1. Professional Development
  1. Sets reasonable boundaries between work as an organizer and personal life/time.
  2. Participates in periodic evaluation based upon the agreed short and long term goals.
  3. Writes weekly reports on progress
  4. Participates in a Gamaliel Weeklong Leadership Development training, and takes advantages of other professional development opportunities.



Send a cover letter and resume, by November 11, to

2821 N. 4th St., #217
Milwaukee, WI 53212
Attn: David Liners

or to:

All Things Banquet!

Good Morning Everyone!

Just a couple of things to think about this rainy Tuesday morning.

1) Banquet Tickets – If you have not already gotten you JOSHUA 13th Annual Banquet Tickets please know that all tickets must be in by the end of the business day on Monday, November 6th.  If you need to get your tickets yet, here is how you can get them!

     a) Buy them online ( at our online store, and scroll down to events.

b) Buy your tickets at St Matthew Parish Center Office during business hours. (

c) Buy them at any upcoming JOSHUA meeting.

2) We need silent auction items! We need both items and baskets to auction off! If you are interested in putting together a basket check out our possible basket list. We need all silent auction items and baskets brought to West Side Moravian Church (1707 S Oneida Street, Green Bay WI 54304) on our two silent auction drop off days.
Wednesday, November 1st 8am-Noon
Thursday, November 2nd 8am-Noon

**Please note if your contribution is smaller in size (i.e. gift certificates, tickets, gift cards ect) you can bring them to St Matthew Parish Center during any hours of operation and asked for them to be put in the JOSHUA mail box, or mail them into the JOSHUA Office (130 St Matthew Street, Green Bay WI 54301).

Please have all silent auction items to JOSHUA office (if small) or to West Side Moravian Church by Thursday, November 2nd.

3) Our banquet committee is looking for a couple more people to help with set up for the banquet on Friday, November 10th at 8:30am at the Tundra Lodge. If you would like to help please fill out the doodle to let us know that you can be there!

Thank you so much for all the support, lets make this banquet the most successful banquet JOSHUA has ever had, so we can continue the critical work we do in our local Brown County Community.