November 2019 Prayers for Justice


November 2019: Mindful of those struggling with issues surrounding housing and homelessness, we pray…

November 3.  For the homeless and the hungry, for the provision of safe, affordable housing and low cost nutritious food, for the personal safety, dignity, and well- being of those who are unable to work.  For the shelters of the greater Green Bay area,that they may be places of love, acceptance, dignity and empowerment for all those they serve. 

November 10.  For the unemployed and underemployed, for suitable work, living wages, and fair benefits for all workers in our community; and for sufficient employment to make healthy family life possible. 

November 17.  For safe and affordable housing for all in our community.

November 24.  For the inclusion of all (regardless of race, age, or residency) in the economy of our area; for effective, affordable, regional public transportation to support job access.

For more about our prayer project, Prayers for Justice, click here.

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