Very Exciting Opportunity for JOSHUA

Dear JOSHUA Supporter,

As we begin 2019, we are so thankful for JOSHUA in our community. This year we are celebrating JOSHUA’s 15th Anniversary. That is fifteen years of doin’ justice in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With pride and determination our organization is currently working on issues of prison reform, housing, and environmental justice.

This spring we have been working to build a partnership with the AmeriCorps VISTA Program. Through this partnership, we have a very exciting opportunity for JOSHUA. The possibility to hire a full time office support, for one year, through the VISTA program for $3,600 which covers the cost to VISTA –  $3,273 plus some additional office materials. Although this is a very exciting opportunity, it is unexpected, and therefore not included in our budget. Fortunately, we have received $1,800 from a grant to be used for this endeavor. We only need $1,800 more to meet our goal.

This project could really help build JOSHUA’s power in the next year. Currently, JOSHUA has one full time community organizer on staff. There are a lot of administrative duties that come with running a non-profit organization. Being able to have a someone in the office for a year would truly help to build JOSHUA’s capacity. This will also allow our organizer to focus more on organizing duties and less on administrative duties.  This opportunity could lift JOSHUA and bring our organization to the next level.

Our Board of Directors recognized the value of this opportunity and has voted to go forward.  It puts a strain on the budget which is why we are reaching out to our supporters. Please prayerfully consider contributing what you are able to help us raise $1,800 as we partner with the VISTA program to hire a full time VISTA for one year. Please  send your contribution in to the JOSHUA office (130 St Matthew Street, Green Bay WI 54301), or donate online; on our website or facebook page. Together, we can reach this goal, to make JOSHUA a more powerful organization in Green Bay WI.

Thank you in advance for your support of JOSHUA.

-JOSHUA Leadership Team
Sara Williams, Amy Bozzacco, and Sheila DeLuca

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