2011 JOSHUA Board of Directors

JOSHUA is a coalition of faith communities in the greater Green Bay area dedicated to building and deepening relationships within and among faith communities. Who we are in embedded in our name:

  • Justice Organization: we build community that crosses economic, racial and ethnic, religious, social and geographic boundaries.
  • Sharing Hope: we develop and empower leaders to have a voice in the community and
  • United for Action: we address issues that can make a difference in our community, especially for the most needy and marginalized.

JOSHUA began on May 15, 2004, when a Covenanting Celebration was held at Union Church. The Church was packed with a diverse group of 350 people, including representation from different faith traditions, community organizations and public leaders. Looking back on the Covenanting, JOHUA co-presidents Barbara Shiffer of West Side Moravian and Sister Maria Drzwiecki, Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross, described the enthusiasm of that event. They saw “amazing possibilities for the faith communities when they join together to overcome divisions and stand united for action around common values of justice.” The Covenanting Celebration emphasized the importance of uniting–not polarizing–our members on those faith values on which we all agree: truth and fairness, accountability and generosity–while respecting each others’ different faith traditions.

In the 10 years since its founding, JOSHUA has been a catalyst for action, addressing community needs in the areas of housing, rights of immigrants, health care, restorative justice and community building.

As JOSHUA looks ahead, our vision remains grounded in the core values that have been affirmed since its founding:

  • We are people of faith.
  • We believe God has called us to live, speak and act courageously in accordance with our faith beliefs.
  • We believe God calls us to love our neighbors and to honor the dignity of every person.
  • Together we will create the community we seek for ourselves, and build the power we need to transform the world around us.

Please consider joining JOSHUA as we work toward our vision.

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